Kelly is my beloved Jindo.  She was born on December 24, 2000.  Although I’ve owned Kelly for a relatively short period of time, she has brought many joys to me. I developed this website not to promote the breed but to educate current or potential owners to take on a more proactive role of dog ownership.  Prior to committing to Kelly, I spent approximately two months researching materials on this breed. I’ve also spent numerous hours talking to and visiting Jindo owners and their dogs to learn more about the breed.  After careful considerations, I made the decision to embark on an adventure to take on the responsible role of owning a Jindo. 

My main concern was able to give her the love and attention she deserved.  Because of my heavy work schedule, sacrifices had to be made in order to compensate for such an active breed. When writing this, Kelly was approximately 4 months old.  She, to say the least, is extremely spoiled.  This in part was my wrong doing in loving her too much and training her to be spoiled. 

Although Kelly is an outside dog, she has access to the whole house and yard.  For this reason, she would drag things she would find in the yard (i.e. tree roots, rocks, sandals) into the house. Something interesting about Kelly and I don’t know how, but at exactly 7:43 a.m. every morning, Kelly wakes me up by licking my face.  It’s not that she is hungry, nor does she have to “take care of her business” but only because she’s bored and in need of my companionship.  Either that or she wants to make sure, I go to work on time to pay for all her toys and treats. One thing about Kelly is that she is so obsessed with chewing and tearing paper.  Yes, Kelly is not perfect.  Because she is teething, she likes to gnaw on things like shoes, furniture, and occasionally my hand.  I know that dogs at this age are teething and exploring with their mouths.  Sometimes it tickles and other times, it downright hurts.  One good thing though, is that although she gnaws on things, she is not excessively destructive.

Having own other breeds of dogs before, Kelly is the easiest dog I have ever raised.  As hard as it is to believe, the first time I took Kelly home, she was already “house-broken” at the age of 6 weeks.  I kept her in an old laundry basket in my bedroom and every time she needed to go she would whine.  Kelly is also very smart.  She knows many commands including: come, sit, heel, down, “NO” by 8 weeks old.  Nothing sickens me more than seeing Jindos being placed in wrong homes where they are neglected, abused, or abandoned.  For this reason, I urge those who are looking into or interesting in owning this breed to do thorough research on the breed and see if it fits into your lifestyle prior to making this commitment.  Only then, will you enjoy this awesome breed.
Logan, our brown Jindo, was born on January 1, 2011 at Jindo Ranch located in McAllen, Texas. He entered our live on February 26, 2011 at age 8-weeks old and our life has changed ever since. Our journey originally started 10 years ago with our white Jindo, Kelly and the love and passion for this breed has never cease.

Because of our great experience with Jindo Ranch, I would like to share our experience and recommendation of the ranch to everyone out there looking for a professional and very qualified breeder.

Jindo Ranch is owned and ran by Mr. Kyong T. Chong. After countless hours of online research and interviewing many breeders, I ran across an inquiry posted by someone looking for a Jindo. A fellow by the name of Martin highly recommended Jindo Ranch as the breeder of choice. My interest was piqued and I inquired with Mr. Chong for a new puppy. The journey, to say the least, has been an unequivocal respect for Mr. Chong and his ranch.

Mr. Chong is a soft spoken man of very few words, but his actions and passion for the breed are deliberate and very commendable. He has a 5 acre ranch dedicated to the Jindo Dog Breed located McAllen, Texas. The existence of Jindo Ranch, according to Mr. Chong, was to protect the pure gene pool of the Jindo as the Jindos on Jindo Island itself are becoming lower quality due to exportation of all "good" gene puppies. Jindos at his ranch are allowed to roam freely on an expansive 5 acre field.  The healthy and happy dogs at Jindo Ranch are a testament to his love and devotion to the breed.

Jindo Ranch ships puppies all over the US, but be advised that Mr. Chong is very selective with whom he would sell his puppies to. He, like many good breeders, only wants to see his dogs going to good home and to the proper people who can appreciate such a fascinating breed.

I have the greatest admiration for Mr. Chong and the scale of operation to which only a person with such great passion for his dogs would undertake. For those who would like to inquire or obtain a Jindo dog, I highly recommend you visiting and contact Mr. Chong for more details.


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